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Price & Specs: New Sony Xperia Sola 'Floating Touch' Android Smartphone

Price & Specs: New Sony Xperia Sola 'Floating Touch' Android Smartphone - Mobile Communications Sony released a new Android handset, the Xperia Sola. The touch screen on the smartphone is claimed to have a magical element, which can be operated without touching the screen. Sony calls the technology "floating touch '.

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Technology 'floating touch' can not be used in all functions, but only in the web browser menu. Users can browse web pages without actually touching the screen.

"All you need to do is cast a hand on the screen, like moving the cursor. Once been positioned on the desired link, simply touch to select it," said Sony in his blog.

Xperia Sola has a 3.7 inch 854x480 resolution Reality Display, 1GHz dual core processor and operating system Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread promised to be updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. 5 megapixel camera

This device also features Near Field Communications (NFC) with a device called SmartTags. Two SmartTags contained in the package can be personalized Xperia Sola to perform 10 commands.

As a report from PCMag, Wednesday (03/14/2012), Sola Xperia will go on sale in the 2nd quarter of 2012. While not yet announced the price range.

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