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Antivirus Avast 2012 Download | Free Avast Gratuit 7

Antivirus Avast 2012 Download | Free Avast Gratuit 7 - Avast! Free Antivirus 7 showed that the virus comes with everything to get rid of the malware. Its interface has subtle changes, without changing much of its look. However, the appearance is still modern and elegant details.

Avast! Free Antivirus 7
The usability was also retained almost unchanged. The buttons and menus remained the same positions and ordering of the predecessor version, keeping the functional organization of the program has had throughout its existence.

Who already knows Avast! will have no problem to take advantage of its features, and those who experience the first time can expect a pleasant and intuitive interaction.

Its operation, as well as many other software of its kind, has a significant impact on resource consumption machine. Therefore, computers with limited hardware can feel the weight of Avast! as he scans the system behind pest infiltrated.

Regarding performance, we have positive and negative comments. How strong point, this application showed good scanning speed. Our test was based on a folder with 948 infected files, occupying 456 MB of disk space storage. The virus took two minutes and eleven seconds to check all this content.

By connecting the USB stick with the malicious files, Avast! did not prevent the automatic opening of your root directory (a mechanism known as autorun), which can be a problem - because some malware uses exactly this flaw to infect computers.

However, shortly thereafter, the virus went into action and blocked the first plague. When copiarmos folder full of trash stick to HD, we could actually see this program in action. At that time, he barred virtually all infected files.

As a final test, we ask that the antivirus examine the entire folder from the portable device. The result was satisfactory but not perfect. Were identified and blocked threats 939 - 99.05% of the total. In short, despite having few and only two tools provide more defense, Avast! Free Antivirus 7 maintained the quality of protection of earlier versions of this renowned antivirus.

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