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How to install games on BlackBerry (Archives. Jad)

The Internet has many websites where you can find many free games as well as payment in this case we have access through our BlackBerry browser, choose the game that we like and check the OTA download.

Installing games on your BlackBerry: (Archives. Jad)

For this third process, it is necessary that the BlackBerry is connected to your computer via USB storage mode, then spend the game. Jad file you have downloaded. Once this file via USB to our BlackBerry, our computer will disconnect and will follow these steps:

Access the Media folder in the phone's main menu

jad multimedia1 Como descargar Juegos para BlackBerry

Once inside the Media folder, press the BlackBerry key and select the Browse option.

examinar .jad blackberry1 Como descargar Juegos para BlackBerry

Then select the storage medium and see how our game. Jad file is saved in the BLACKBERR and select the file and run it. The game installation begins automatically by following these steps.

tarjeta multimedia.jad 1 Como descargar Juegos para BlackBerry

Through QR code Code:

As you've seen already BlackBerryAplicaciones Code QR codes for different downloads for this method will download the application QR Code Scanner Pro , which with our phone will scan the QR code of the website and proceed to the download automatically.

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